What can I do for you?

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If you are a publisher seeking to strengthen your brand, I can:

  • Assist you in articulating your brand values and clarifying your strategy
  • Work with you to assess staff strengths and identify gaps
  • Lead your team in creating print and online content that will connect with consumers

If you are a corporate client seeking to connect to consumers with editorial content, I can:

  • Assess existing content products and strategies
  • Assist you in identifying content and messages that will resonate with your target consumer audience
  • Develop and execute content plans, from concept to final product in print and online, utilizing internal and freelance resources

Projects have included:

* Assisting the Atlantic Publishers Marketing Association in analyzing their publication operations

* Working with IFEX to develop communications strategies, including e-newsletter, social media and website strategies

* Consulting with IFEX members Pakistan Press Foundation, Media Foundation for West Africa and others on their digital communication strategies

* Consulting editing on Dalhousie University’s DAL Magazine

* Assisting the Ontario Historical Society in the renewal of their strategic plan

* Consulting editing on Magazines Canada’s industry publication Canadian Magazines Canadien

* Mentorship and editorial consulting with a national Canadian association magazine

* Project leadership in the creation of an online real estate guide for

* Targeted e-newsletter executions and marketing white papers for Microsoft Canada

* Editorial leadership on the creation of the EcoLiving consumer-facing online environmental program for Scotiabank

* Mentoring editorial staff at a mid-sized regional custom publishing company

* Editorial direction for Home Depot Canada’s EcoOptions Magazine

* One-on one consulting with small- and mid-sized magazines on online strategy and editorial administration through Magazines Canada’s Traveling Consultants Program.

Contact me

You can reach me at kimpittaway64 [at] gmail [dot] com