The Fearman family shared the story of their prematurely-born triplets with me more than a decade ago. It’s a story I’m still proud of, and one that is referenced in the journalism feature writing textbook The Bigger Picture.

How much water do we use? That was the question my sister Tina and I asked about ourselves and the little house we share in Toronto. The taps, flushes and washer cycles didn’t surprise us–but the water that goes into the things we consume sure did.

Those who know her point to her astounding intellect and unrelenting pursuit of the truth. Meet Michell Dawson. She says it’s only luck that’s kept her from being institutionalized, and yet she is making important—and controversial contributions to our understanding of autism.

Come February, with Valentine’s Day and Family Day packed into the shortest month of the year, it’s tough for those who are single or childless to avoid the message that they’ve missed the boat. And that’s ironic, given the demographic shifts of the last few decades. Because while February’s holidays may be sending the message that kids and marriage are the norm, for more and more Canadians, they aren’t.